While listening to the @post_status convo between @corymiller303 & @chrislema about combining independent products like @LearnDashLMS + @LiquidWeb + @KadenceWP into a suite where the beneficiary is the customer, let me think about a modern polymath cohort economy.

Putting pieces together like a puzzle to complement competencies in order to deliver the best experience for for the benefit of all involved is IMHO what the world needs the most. Holistic combination of complementary projects with the customer benefits in mind, is the future.

I hope that these economy changes also lead into the HR mindset to hire polymaths besides the field experts.

Think about hiring people who can juggle multiple plates but also bring their multipassionate mindset to look beyond tellerrand.

I didn’t see any job offers, yet!

What are your thoughts about creating space in your company for modern polymath employees?
People who bring more than one expert field onto the table.

IMHO every company needs at least one „Jack of all trades“

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