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The last-minute lucky mom

Family holidays abroad don’t have to cost much. As a big family with five kids we always had only a small budget for holidays. Over the years I have developed a good feeling for special and last-minute offers. This talent provided me with another benefit for this year’s holiday planning.

Since Monday the kids have summer holidays. Despite my health situation, we decided to take a few days off with the two youngest children and saved ourselves a small holiday budget over the last year.

Originally it was planned to spend a few days vacationing with my brother and his wife in Northern Germany. For organizational reasons, he had to cancel at short notice. Fortunately, a few days ago I found a very cheap last-minute offer that fits perfectly into our budget.

8 days in a Dutch bungalow park with 4 persons for 306 € plus bicycle rental.

Let’s call it a win!

at Bospark ‘t Wolfsven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Even the same park & bungalow as three years ago. So the kids already know the park. I’m already looking forward to the stress-free quality time with my family. And to Dutch specialties like Stroopwafels and Pofferties.

The park offers free leisure activities for the children as well as in the indoor swimming pool and a swimming lake. I can sit back and relax and read a good book or paint. Just let calm down.

picture with a swimming lake
the swimming lake at the Bospark – photo from our vacation in 2016

It is much cheaper than the planned stay with my brother. There were various day trips incl. tickets for zoos, museums, etc. planned. And I only have to drive about 200 km instead of 450 km per way.

As I always say, everything has its meaning.

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