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Mom of 5 | Granny of 1 | digital artist | certified life-coach | web designer

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Intuitive ~ Abstract ~ Contemporary

My artwork is there to inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

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  • #Tweet100 – Day 17/100

    #Tweet100 – Day 17/100

    Today’s polymath needs to be skilled in more than one area of life. For example, someone with skills in business development, digital art and programming might be considered a contemporary renaissance person.

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  • #Tweet100 – Day 16/100

    #Tweet100 – Day 16/100

    While listening to the @post_status convo between @corymiller303 & @chrislema about combining independent products like @LearnDashLMS + @LiquidWeb + @KadenceWP into a suite where the beneficiary is the customer, let me think about a modern polymath cohort economy. Putting pieces together like a puzzle to complement competencies in order to deliver the best experience for…

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  • #Tweet100 – Day 15/100

    #Tweet100 – Day 15/100

    Reminder to who needs to read this: Some days are ok-ish. Some days are bad as hell. Nobody has the right to question your feelings and sensations or compare it with your good days. It’s your battle not theirs!

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