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Birgit's braindump - just thinking Posts

About courage to ask

Chronic illness can be a fiendishly difficult adversary to beat. After fighting it alone for as long as I could, I am finally asking for help.

Hi, my name is Birgit Olzem, mother of five children, grandmother of one cute grandson, beloved partner of a very empathic and loyal man, valued member of the WordPress community, with a natural hunger to learn new things and equipped with realistic optimism.

Today I finally dared to ask a question that has been on my mind for weeks. It cost me a lot to overcome, and I had to think for a very long time about the consequences of making such a personal request public. After I talked about it with my family and close friends and was motivated by every single one of them to take this step, I did it. I have published the following request for help in my Twitter network.