My story

I grew up in a dysfunctional family on a farm and for over four decades wondered why I didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. Today I am grateful that I have found my place and I want to help you find your own place to live a fulfilled life.

Nevertheless, the traumatic experiences in my life have always driven me to search for the deeper meaning. I took part in training courses to become a life coach, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and a Reiki master and teacher.

Even if I have found my place, it does not mean that I lead a completely carefree life. I, too, have to deal with the daily challenges that a long-term suppression of the true task of life brings with it.

While I was sitting on my mother’s deathbed, I swore to myself that I would finally align my life with my own inner compass. Everything could have gone so well. I had a consulting practice and published my first book. The closer I came to my true self, the greater the distance became between the father of my five children and me. We’ve been running the marriage basically on paper for years. 

So I made a decision that turned my life upside down. I grabbed my four youngest kids and moved out.

Bravery is not a quality of the body. It is of the soul.

Mahatma Gandhi

The following years were extremely traumatic for me. I lost almost everything I cared about. I fought for the rights of my children and had to make a living for several years with very little money.

During this extremely emotional roller coaster ride of my life I had to concentrate on the essentials and make sure that I could earn enough income again. That’s why I made my hobby “Webdesign and WordPress” my profession.

Even today my passion for WordPress and especially the people in the community drives me. My training to be a life coach brought powerful tools to helped me to overcome the traumatic experiences and I learned to be more resilient.

My family situation has calmed down. I live in a new, stable partnership, my children are fine and I have even become a grandmother.

Nevertheless, the past years have left their mark. My body has developed several autoimmune diseases. After some physical breakdowns I finally had to admit to myself that it is time to follow my inner compass again.

That is why I decided to combine my passion for WordPress with my vocation as a psychological consultant and life coach.

Over the years I have been able to encourage many women to live and exhibit their talents. Due to my life experience and empathy, I can put myself very well into the position of other people and together with them find solutions that lead to a more fulfilled life.